CCN 2013

Summary of the 2013 CCN Review

The first annual Comprehensive Clinical Neurosurgery (CCN) Review course was held in Krakow from December 2nd to December 6th of 2013. The course was very well received by the attendees and has been described as the best neurosurgery review ever! We had 86 participants (in between trainees and qualified neurosurgeons) plus 19 faculty teachers attend the course.

Comprehensive Clinical Neurosurgery Review

December 2-6, 2013 Krakow, Poland

Faculty of 2013 course

The 2013 review course faculty lineup consisted of some of the best leaders in contemporary neurosurgery.


  • Nabeel S. Alshafai (Toronto)
  • Michael D. Cusimano (Toronto)
  • Federico Di Rocco (Rome)
  • Hugues Duffau (Montpellier)
  • Fred Gentili (Toronto)
  • Ramez W Kirollos (Cambridge)



  • Timo Krings (Toronto)
  • Jason Lazarou (Toronto)
  • Andres M Lozano (Toronto)
  • Andrew Maas (Antwerp)
  • Eric M. Massicotte (Toronto)
  • John Rossiter (Kingston)



  • Johannes Schramm (Bonn)
  • Volker Sonntag (Phoenix)
  • Robert J. Spinner (Rochester)
  • Charles Teo (Sydney)
  • Ugur Türe (Istanbul)
  • M Christopher Wallace (Kingston)
  • Michel Zerah (Paris)


Testimonials 2013

Neurosurgery Registrars from the United Kingdom

“It’s been long days, it’s been intensive, really well organized, everyone running to time, the content of the lectures were fantastic as well as the teams involved.”

“It’s something for the junior trainees and senior trainees especially, and the hot seat being asked questions, excellent exam preparation or just in general day- to- day neurosurgery knowledge.”

“It’s been one of the most productive times I’ve spent on any course, even pre-residency. It’s got excellent faculty, very approachable, excellent organization , it is intense but you feel that you gained a load out of it every day and it’s not really just for exams, I think I’m going to perform at a better level, I feel like I’m a better doctor as a result of this course so I’d certainly highly recommend it.”

“In all of my weeks at neurosurgery I think this has been the week that I’ve learned the most.”

Dr.Wilson Peter Senior resident, Macquarie University Hospital, Australia

“This neurosurgery review course is a fantastic opportunity to be treated to some lectures from some top professors in Europe and North America in all fields of neurosurgery. Its particularly good exam preparation for the part 2 exam preparation in Australia. It’s a good opportunity because each day there’s a hot seat examination where you get put in an exam environment and you get tested as if it’s the real exam.”

Dr. Wiedmann Markus Senior resident, MD, Oslo University Hospital, Norway

“This course is really excellent really great, Nabeel Alshafai managed to provide excellent speakers and I liked the sessions in the afternoon where you can discuss things in small groups, and you have the hot chair where candidates are evaluated, so I want to really highly recommend this course for every young neurosurgeon.”

Prof Fred Gentili MD, MSc, University of Toronto, Canada

“I think the key is to really think about what the candidates want, not what the teachers are prepared to give and I think this course, the aim of this course, the objective is in fact that and I think what I’ve seen does fulfill that aim. So I think it’s a great course, I think we’re going to learn many things from the first course and I’m sure there’ll be improvements next year and I’m looking forward to participating.”

Prof W.R. Van Furth MD, PhD, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I think it’s a great course the faculty is fantastic there are lots of interactions. Compared to other courses I find that there are more space for questionnaires and interaction with faculty and more interaction in general which makes it a good course! It’s only the second day so we’ll still have to see how it goes, but I can already tell you its great course for anybody who wants to get a general overview or the current status or preparing for final exams”

S/Consultant David Schul MD, Klinikum Munchen Bogenhausen, Germany

“It’s one of the best course I’ve been in. It’s basically the kind of course I was missing as a resident and junior neurosurgeon. It’s gives the possibility to interact with some of the leading neurosurgeons in the wold and to get some tips not only of operative procedure but also about the preparing of the exams for the board exams something, I was really missing and I congratulate Nabeel for doing such a great course”

S/Consultant Khalid Siddiqui FRCSC, ABNS, FAANS Assistant CMO, Rayyan Hospital, Saudi Arabia

“I myself found it very good for me as a review course for neurosurgery. I’ve been in practice for the last 19 years and this has been a great review and I myself am looking forward to coming here for the next year and will advise my colleagues and my students to join for the next time”

S/Consultant Azmi Alias MBBS (UM), M.Surgery (UKM), FRCS (Ireland), AM (Mal) Hon. Secretary Neurosurgical Association of Malaysia

“The speakers are very well experienced and they are happy to share the most of 30 years of experience to the young junior people who are going to become a neurosurgeon soon and most of their experience and tricks they share are very useful for these young people to apply when they become neurosurgeon”

A/Prof. Francessco Signorelli MD University of Lyon, France

“I had the chance t participate for this course which is surely the best in these last few years, the most interactive, the most interesting because sometimes you can listen at times to the experience of neurosurgeons recognized worldwide, and you can discuss with them very complicated cases and simple cases seen on a daily basis. I repeat that this is a very useful experience!”

Mr. Ramez W Krollos MBChB, MD, FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Eng), FRCS (NS), FEANS President of the British Neurovascular Group, Cambridge University, UK

“The comprehensive clinical neurosurgery review course is very impressive and unique, it is amongst all local courses all over the world, this is a true international course that has international faculty and is unique because it is aimed at international group of senior neurosurgical trainees to help them through the final assessment for neurosurgical exams and what is unique about is the format and the way it has been brilliantly organized for this purpose.”