CCN 2015

Summary of the 2015 CCN Review

The third annual Comprehensive Clinical Neurosurgery (CCN) Review course was held in Krakow, Poland again from November 30th to December 4th of 2015. We had 117 people (in between participants and faculty) from all around the world. The course continues to develop to be one of the leading international venues in neurosurgery. The overwhelming feedback encourages us to continue running it on an annual basis.

Comprehensive Clinical Neurosurgery Review

November 30-December 4, 2015 Krakow, Poland

Faculty of 2015 course

The 2015 review course faculty lineup consisted of some of the best leaders in contemporary neurosurgery.


  • Laila Alshafai (Toronto)
  • Nabeel S. Alshafai (Antwerp)
  • E. Antonio Chiocca (Boston)
  • Michael D. Cusimano (Toronto)
  • Ryszard Czepko (Kraków)
  • Samer K Elbabaa (Saint Louis)
  • Wouter Van Furth (Leiden)
  • Catherine Garel (Paris)



  • Pablo Gonzalez (Alicante)
  • Andre Grotenhuis (Nijmegen)
  • John Hurlbert (Calgary)
  • Mohsen Javadpour (Dublin)
  • Timo Krings (Toronto)
  • Jason Lazarou (Toronto)
  • Allan Levi (Miami)
  • Andres M Lozano (Toronto)



  • Andrew Maas (Antwerp)
  • Luca Regli (Zurich)
  • John Rossiter (Kingston)
  • Johannes Schramm (Bonn)
  • David Schul (Munich)
  • Francesco Signorelli (Lyon)
  • Konstantin Slavin (Chicago)



  • Robert J. Spinner (Rochester)
  • Paul Steinbok (Vancouver)
  • Andrey Stinikov (Moscow)
  • Magnus Tisell (Goteberg)
  • M Christopher Wallace (Kingston)
  • Dominic Venne (Abu Dhabi)
  • Michel Zerah (Paris)


Testimonials 2015

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