Nabeel S. Alshafai

Nabeel S. Alshafai

Course Director

Nabeel S. Alshafai

Assistant Professor
MD(Hon.) FRCSC EBNS ABNS(Eligible)

Dr. Alshafai graduated from King Faisal University Medical School, with the third highest score in his class. Following his graduation, he immediately joined neurosurgical residency training at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Professors Jim Rutka, Chris Wallace and Charles Tator. He then did a travelling fellowship year in Europe at reputable centres while visiting professors J Schramm, J. Hernesniemi and U. Ture.

During his training in Toronto, he was involved in elective rotations in skull-base surgery under the supervision of professors Fred Gentili and Michael Cusimano. He recently passed three neurosurgery board exams 2012/2013: The Canadian Royal College, The European Board of Neurological Surgery and The American part one Board of Neurological Surgery exams.

Then he did a complex spine fellowship year under the supervision of Prof. Michael Fehlings at the Toronto Western Hospital. Nabeel’s experience with exams made him passionate and determined to create a review course for his colleagues which would make it easier to collect, study, and synthesize knowledge relevant to neurosurgical practice and board exams.

In early 2015 he was recruited as a consultant neurosurgeon and spine surgeon at The Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium. He acts as an assistant professor and is The Residency Training Program Director.

In October 2015 he was elected to be the new Chair of Post-graduate Educational Commitee for the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS).

In February 2016, Dr. Alshafai became a member of the examination committee for the European Board of Neurologic Surgery Examination. In March 2016, he was assigned to run a task force to look into training and education of developing countries within the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia under the auspices of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) Foundation. His research is focused on craniocervical pathologies and he is the director of the Craniocervical Junction Workshop.


I am delighted to inform you that the registration for the 5th annual CCN Review Course is now open. This year the course will be held on November 27th 2017 in the beautiful city of Krakow.

We have prepared an exquisite program with hand picked top notch world expert teachers of neurosurgery.

We hope to see you there.


Nabeel Alshafai