Scholarship Opportunities

Inquire about potential scholarship opportunities.

The application for 2018 scholarship starts on February 1st and ends on June 30th.
Sponsored by the Alshafai Neurosurgical Academy

I am pleased to announce a corner for scholarship opportunities offered to candidates in need for taking this STATE OF THE ART Review Course. This is ideal for candidates who require financial assistance. I ask all potential candidates, who would like to apply, to write a short letter explaining why they would qualify for the scholarship and e-mail me at

Best regards,

Course Director


Dr. Naboichenko Andrii
The winner of 2017 CCN Scholarship

Romodanov Neurosurgery State Institute

Kharkiv / Ukraine

Dr. Nikolay Tonchev
The winner of 2017 CCN Scholarship

Neurosurgical Resident
University Hospital “St. George”
Plovdiv / 

Winner of 2016


Dr. Marcel Ehanga Idi
The winner of 2016 CCN Scholarship
Neurosurgical Resident
Hopital du Cinquantenaire de Kinshasa
Congo / Africa

Winners of 2015


Dr. Nada Ismail Alsiddig
The winner of 2015 CCN Scholarship

Neurosurgical Specialist
The National Center for Neurosurgical Science
Sudan / Africa


Dr. Naira Sargsyan
The winner of 2015 “Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation”

Neurosurgical Resident
University Clinic of Neurosurgery and Comprehensive Stroke Center
Armenia / Euro-Asia